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Oregon payment voucher 2014

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oregon payment voucher 2014

Cut on dashed line below to detach voucher. Visit to print more vouchers. First name. Last name. Initial. 13 federal tax liability ($0–$6,; see instructions for the correct amount) ​..•13 payment, and payment voucher. Either line 25 or (Rev. The State of Oregon recognizes the Federal tax extension (IRS Form ). Therefore, if you have Form V (Oregon Corporation Tax Payment Voucher): Mail with payment to.

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Form ORV instructions Tax year. Tax Election Ballot Measures. Withholding Taxes: Household Employees. How to Appeal Your Property Value. Application for Nonprofit Student Housing Exemption. Gas Pipeline Companies - Excel. Business Contact Change Form. Application for Oregon payment voucher 2014 Student Housing Exemption. Enter the month, day, and year for the beginning and end date of the tax year you are submitting the payment for. Local Budget — Education districts—Resolution. Personal Property Assessment and Taxation.

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