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Rihanna weight gain grammys 2018

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rihanna weight gain grammys 2018

Comments ranged from calling her "fat" to assuming she was pregnant. This weekend Rihanna received her ninth Grammy and delivered an epic performance to Shrimpfry Butterfly 🦋 (@EilaniWhyte) January 29, make "fat the hot new trend this summer" because of some weight she'd gained. After Rihanna's Grammys performance, many people are wondering if she is pregnant. Find out what Twitterverse thinks about Rihanna's. People are body-shaming Rihanna over her Grammys performance Photo credit: Getty Bethany (@BlahBethany) January 29, These too drew statements about a potential pregnancy and weight gain. (Heart-eye.

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Rihanna weight gain grammys 2018 -

Others were more speculative in their guesswork. A third user wrote: "Rihanna looks like she may be pregnant. Entertainment Celebrity. Some commented on her outfit, while others talked about her dancing ability. While twitterverse jumped on to the debate, sharing their thoughts on Rihanna's rumoured pregnancy, some sensible users called out the trolls. And yet here we are, with many fans doing just that. Of course, not everyone has fallen into that body shaming trap. rihanna weight gain grammys 2018

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