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I get a javascript error "directionResult is undefined". on this line: northfaceoutletstore-ctb.usnds(​[0].bounds);. If I fix that (change it to. So I tried to give the DirectionsResult to the northfaceoutletstore-ctb.usionsRenderer::​setDirections() but it does nothing, and firebug doesn't trace any error (and google. var renderer = new northfaceoutletstore-ctb.usionsRenderer(options);.​(() => {. northfaceoutletstore-ctb.usections(this._directions);. }); // how to clear the directions?

Google.maps.directionsrenderer -

A DirectionsRenderer not only handles display of the polyline and any associated markers, but also can handle the textual display of directions as a series of steps. The place ID is a unique identifier of a place in the Google Maps database. As noted within the DirectionsRequest , you may also specify waypoints of type DirectionsWaypoint when calculating routes using the Directions service for walking, bicycling or driving directions. Drawing on the map. Note that the placeId is the most accurate way of identifying a place. Time interface google. Returns the current zero-based route index in use by this DirectionsRenderer object. Place interface google. Change the options settings google.maps.directionsrenderer this DirectionsRenderer after initialization. A URL for google.maps.directionsrenderer icon that corresponds to the type of vehicle used in this google.maps.directionsrenderer instead of the more general icon. TransitVehicle interface Information about the vehicle that operates on a transit line. Properties: altmaxZoomminZoomnameprojectionradiustileSize. DirectionsService, directionsRenderer: google. Google.maps.directionsrenderer featureDatalatLngpixelOffset.

Google.maps.directionsrenderer -

The TransitDetails object exposes the following properties:. Overlays infowindow overlay polyline marker circle rectangle polygon. The direction in which to travel on this line, as it is marked on the vehicle or at the departure stop. Properties: center , radius. Events: removeproperty , setgeometry , setproperty. DirectionsStep interface. The origin and destination are only used if you enable the draggable property on the DirectionsRendererOptions - they are basically the same value that you pass on the DirectionsService route call.

: Google.maps.directionsrenderer

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CAMPBELL HAUSFELD AIR COMPRESSOR MOTOR PARTS Waypoints alter a route by routing it through the specified location s. DirectionsLeg interface. Effective July 16,a new pay-as-you-go pricing plan went google.maps.directionsrenderer effect for Maps, Routes, and Places. For a list google.maps.directionsrenderer possible strings, refer to the Address Component Types section of the Developer's Guide. Properties: bounds. Methods: getOpacitygetTilereleaseTile google.maps.directionsrenderer, setOpacity.

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