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Equator bank of america short sale system

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equator bank of america short sale system

Here are the types of questions you should ask a short sale listing agent to help you decide if it's worth your time to make that offer. But Bank of America has fully incorporated this system into their short sale process. Let's talk about the system and how to use it properly. That said my experience as a broker in short sales speaks for itself. Who Uses Equator? Many major banks such as bank of America, wells fargo. equator bank of america short sale system

Equator bank of america short sale system -

Sorry just 9 months of frustration. This is why I hire a full time short sale negotiator. Please keep in mind that Equator is a technology platform for handling short sales. The buyer, over a number of days, raised their offer to full price all cash and still Equator declined it. Sellers and buyers are waiting for payoff. In the past 4 weeks we have had all of our short sale files go active.

Equator bank of america short sale system -

They can only answer this question based upon your financial status…state you reside in and the type of property you are selling. BOA Agents not knowing a thing or how to answer questions, chasing my tail endlessly, sleepless nights, lawyers breathing down my neck. The gentleman couldn't find the loan even though it was up on my computer……he said Equator was down and call back in two-three hours. However, I have a new question one that I have seen answered here but cannot locate the link to right now , so please accept my apology for asking it again —. I feel your pain. Lovely way to have leveraged TARP funds. They do not negotiate or approve short sales for Bank of America. Right now I equator bank of america short sale system be ecstatic for 7 to 10 day turn around…24 hours would be nirvana! I will say that when you call now to the short sale department those handling these calls are very professional and nice and much more informative. But we had a negotiator after a month and a week then 2 days after they are verbally approving the SS for 4 gran more than our offer. No wonder Bank of America has so many properties in trouble. We all are ready to close, but not BofA or Equator—the file is 'closed' — nothing seems to get it opened again. Equator is the worst system I have ever seen.

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Bank of America's short sale equator

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