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Bank of india star connect corporate

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bank of india star connect corporate

Bank of india star connect corporate -

bank of india star connect corporate

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  1. Thanks for watching my video. I did some read up and apparently below are the few points of SaxoInvestor vs Saxotrader go

  2. Sar ham ATM machine Mein card swap kar raha hai to Peene mang raha hai Pintu Bhul Gaya Hai Naya pin Kaise banaen

  3. @Kevin Conway yes that's true.. but also kevin those "higher interest rate" are broadly speaking very close to zero. Few can offer you beyond 1 percent, maybe sofi does.. But we also have to keep in mind that the target inflation rate is a big fat 2 percent.. So you are loosing the value of your saving very close to/at 2 percent.. I fully understand that the fdic insures our money but not the value it looses to inflation.. As per Warren buffet, its very human to invest in t bills and bonds ,cds ,saving, money market or what have you but yet very stupid.. While stocks do tend to keep up, if not surpasses, inflation.. So i think this is what we should remind our audience and to keep them educated.. thank you kevin and stay safe..

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