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Banking system structure in india

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banking system structure in india

All the nationalized banks and regional rural banks are public sector banks. These banks are the nationalized banks undertaken by the Government of. India in a. The structure of the banking system of India can be broadly divided into scheduled banks. Commercial banks can further be divided in four sub categories based on how the banks operate. They can be Public sector banks, private banks. Foreign banks are those banks, which have their head offices abroad. These banks primarily lend to farmers and agriculturists. With the need of the hour, banks were established in the 18 th Century. It is also instrumental in the development of rural and suburban regions of a country as it provides capital banking system structure in india small businesses and helps them to grow their business. They offer various facilities like a bank account, short-term and long-term loans. Some are concentrated their banking system structure in india in rural sector while others in both rural as well as urban. The recent empirical evidence, in fact, suggests that banking system contributes to economic growth more by improving the allocative efficiency of resources than by channeling of resources from savers to investors.

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