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Gta v paleto bay bank heist

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gta v paleto bay bank heist

Paleto Score Setup is a pre-Heist mission in IGN's Grand Theft Auto 5 (You don​'t drive to the bank until after you've picked Lester up. The trip. Our GTA 5 guide has information on how to scout the bank, how to purposefully trigger the alarm, and who to choose for the heist. Check the walkthrough for. Additional information: The heist on the bank in a small seaside town, will turn out to be more complicated than it could seem because, apart from the police, you.

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Chang Gang Paleto Bay Bank Heist Gta 5 Rp Nopixel (All Angles) In This Wiki Guide. Monkey Business. San Andreas. The chase sequence will be gta v paleto bay bank heist difficult, but he takes less of your money. The play then switches to Franklin, further down the road, in a Dozer and begins driving toward the groups location evading the bullets of various soldiers in the way and the mm shells from a tank.

Gta v paleto bay bank heist -

The three fight their way past more police officers and army soldiers when they spot that the military are flying in a tank. Option A Heist Setup. Continue past the nearby houses and shoot down the wooden fences. Blitz Play. Michael thanks them and they then report that the soldiers are withdrawing under the impression there is more than one person there. gta v paleto bay bank heist

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