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Jeep renegade 2.4 trailhawk review

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jeep renegade 2.4 trailhawk review

As the top of the Renegade range, the Trailhawk is the only of its siblings to come fitted with a litre engine, 9-speed automatic gearbox, and all. In the back, the seating is even less forgiving and things are very tight. As for materials and build quality, we've seen better. Behind the wheel, the new L engine is more powerful than the one it's replacing with hp and lb-ft of torque, but it's still not exactly muscular. Unlike the other models in the Renegade lineup, which make do with small capacity engines, the Trailhawk uses a litre “Tigershark” four-. jeep renegade 2.4 trailhawk review

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Jeep renegade 2.4 trailhawk review -

Learn More. In Canada, there are front-wheel-drive versions of the Sport and North trims. From this author. But its legitimate off-road capability and available removable sunroof make it the pack mule in a class of mall cruisers. Specifications Specifications Jeep Renegade 1. The Renegade has easy-to-reach knobs and buttons with clear labels. More on the Jeep Renegade. Shopping Tools See all for sale. Despite this, the all-wheel drive and electronic steering allows the driver to place the Renegade as desired. Follow on Twitter goodcarbadcar and on Jeep renegade 2.4 trailhawk review. But does that mean the Renegade overlooks critical areas such as comfort, storage space and fuel economy?

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