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How to make bill of material in tally erp 9

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how to make bill of material in tally erp 9

Did you know that in 9 you can define multiple bill of materials (BoM) for the same product? You. 2. Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info > Stock Items > Create > Press F​Configure (Stock Item Configuration) and set. For trading items, you do not need a BoM. Therefore, you need to specify a BoM at the time of creating a Stock Item or when altering its master.

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Bill of Material (BOM) Entry In Tally ERP 9, Production \u0026 Manufacture Entry With GST Godown : Select the godown where you would like to place the produced goods. As illustrated, the above is the BOM of Ace A1 Plus Smartphone and the only difference here is you need 4 cameras to produce the final product. For example, manufacturing of flour requires wheat as the raw material. National Traders is engaged also in the business of assembling and manufacturing Televisions To enable Bill of Materials feature. Price Cabinet 1 Nos. Bill of Materials. Mail this article.

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