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Mailchimp customer support chat

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mailchimp customer support chat

Stop Overpaying for Email and Get the Best Value in Pro Email Marketing Tools! But, the big question is; how can you reach Mailchimp customer support us" to send an email or "Chat with us" to initiate a live chat with the support team. › customer › mailchimp.

Mailchimp customer support chat -

This gives the customer a chance to ask any additional questions. Access the guides and tutorials Use our comprehensive guides and tutorials to self-guide through features and keep moving forward without any wait. Send a Screenshot to Support If you need to send a screenshot to support, here's how. View your support options Support options vary depending on which type of payment plan you have. By automating these follow-ups and check-ins for open tickets, Mailchimp saved a whopping 48, agent replies in a single year. Sorry we couldn't be more help. Using what they learned, they built better products that helped more customers than ever. Find Answers. Get in touch. Paid users can log in to access email and chat support. mailchimp customer support chat

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